My name is Sarah and I, like many of you, am a tea enthusiast. My journey began when I fell chronically ill and fatigued. When popular energy drinks, caffeine tablets and other methods of keeping me awake all failed, I turned to tea. What I found was not only a gentle increase in energy, but an array of different senses, emotions, feelings, and moods depending on which tea I drank. I could safely decide the way I wanted my body to respond by the type of tea I brewed. Soon this desire to feel better evolved into a hobby, then a collection, and now a passion for all things tea. Many of you know the common saying: that tea is the second most popular drink in the world (next to water). I can now see why. The choices are endless. The benefits are extraordinary. The decision is in your hands.

I recently started an Instagram account (@touch_of_tea) dedicated to my collection and I continue to add to it every day. I am currently partnering with different tea companies from around the world to review and post products and recommendations for my followers. Make sure to view my page or contact me to learn more about this journey of mine and maybe then you can start to create your own.

I will be posting recipes, tea products, reviews, photos, tips and tricks all related to tea.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!